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Automobile Repossession
How would you feel, when you woke up, got out of bed, ate your breakfast, stepped out the door, walked to the sidewalk with the intention to drive to work, and your vehicle is missing ? Your first thought, it must have been stolen, second thought, you left the vehicle at another location, third thought, your auto lender repossessed your vehicle. But wait...... due to your falling behind with your payments for two months, you spoke to your lender and worked out an arrangement to become current. He told you not to worry....only to learn that was not his intent but rather his intent was to hire the Repo Man to come in the middle of the night to take your vehicle.

Could you have avoided this? The answer is yes. Can you still get your vehicle back? The answer is maybe...depending on the timing of the "repossession" and how swiftly you seek legal assistance. To take  advantage of the laws that give you the power to level the playing field contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Latzes. Let our 30 years of experience work for you.

Call the Law Offices of Michael A. Latzes at  215-545-0200 to schedule a free consultation. Our offices serve clients in the Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware Counties. Should an office visit be inconvenient, consultations can be provided via telephone. Also, appointments can be scheduled most weekends and evenings. Payment plans are available.

To better assist you, please take advantage of our online questionnaire. Once the information is received, we are committed to respond within 24 hours.

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